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About Cindy

What is art?  I believe Albert Einstein said it best....."Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy".  Art serves when words don't.  What artists do and how we create, is an energy force that we are lucky enough to capitalize on when we are in its path.  



Each journey begins with one step, but some have no destination

Cindy’s first love of expression was the camera.  As a studio photographer, Cindy had multiple art shows at galleries and academic institutions.  She has photographed fashion, commercial, wedding and portraits, and eventually began reproducing Fine Art paintings on her Iris Giclee printer.  Her artistic eye was further developed in the theatre as a set designer and eventually as a director.  She later discovered Gourds and then Mosaics!  From growing her own gourds to creating, sculpting, carving, painting and claying, Cindy's imaginative journey has no end.


Passion is shared between growing expertise in one medium and the inspiration provided by new materials

     Today the pliability and adaptability of each of these mediums and materials inform her vision, as she borrows from one to enhance another. In both two dimensional and 3 dimensional worlds, Cindy responds to the abstract forms inside her imagination and infuses these materials to create a concrete representation or suggestions of what she sees. 

     Cindy's newest exploration with glass and tile mosaics now bleeds into her sculptures based on gourds, glass, and wood. 



Each finished, one-of-a kind piece is a unique celebration of color, texture and craftsmanship.

After considering the shape and texture, Cindy begins the artistic transformation through carving and wood-burning techniques, layering the altered surface with intricate inks, dyes, acrylic paints, glass, and resin.

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