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Cindy_Efinger_Gourds_Lava Mountain.jpg

Lava Mountain 2021

Cindy_Efinger_Gourd_Lava Mountain NL_edited.jpg

Uniquely Crafted

Inspiration comes from the abundance of nature, and how each unique form speaks to the artist. Each gourd is transformed through carving, wood burning and paint techniques.

Recent Collection


Fine art gourds and mosaics add warmth and style to wherever you display them.

Each carefully curated, one-of-a-kind piece has a tangible presence that asks to be picked up, explored, and appreciated.

"It is the completeness of your work that impresses me.  You grow them, cure them, carve them, paint them and sculpt with them.  It’s all art."
Megan L., Cambridge, MA
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